What are the Orca Referral Page and Web Links For?

What are the Orca Referral Page and Web Links For?
These resources are provided to help you find contractors and products and services that relate to your home. The Contractor Referral Page is a list of contractors that we have collected and edited over the years. We are not a general contracting service and we do not recommend or profit in any way from this list or these referrals. We make an effort to keep this up to date and provide the list simply as a courtesy to our clients. If you wish to have a good contractor added to our list, or wish to complain about sub-par performance of a contractor on this list, please contact us and we will make all efforts to edit and revise as needed. From the Web Links area, you can access web sites and important information regarding common recalled home products like Cadet Heaters and Insta-hot water heaters as well as links to green building products and other important contact information like information on buried oil tanks.

Dylan Chalk

Dylan Chalk is the owner of Seattle-based Orca Inspection Services LLC – www.orcainspect.com. He is the founder of ScribeWare inspection report software offering innovative and simple report-writing solutions – www.getscribeware.com. He is also the author of The Confident House Hunter – a book to teach home buyers how to look at and understand houses: Cedar Fort Press Due out July 2016 – www.dylanchalk.com

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