Whether buying your first home, your fifth investment property or preparing your home for sale, an Orca home inspection is an excellent investment. Orca Home Inspection Services has been in business since 2003 and Dylan Chalk has over 6000 inspections performed, Orca Inspection Services can fulfill all your home inspection needs. We provide hands-on consultation during the inspection process and document our findings in an easy to read digital report. Our thorough evaluation will put you in a position to make educated buying or selling decisions. Our detailed report will help you better maintain your home and prevent costly deferred maintenance.
Orca Inspection Services is a full-service home inspection company serving King and Kitsap counties.
A professional home inspection is an impartial, third-party, visual evaluation of a property. A home inspector performs a visual inspection by looking for and identifying signs of problems, defects or deferred maintenance in a home.

Home inspectors are generalists, similar to family practice doctors. They see lots of homes and are able to make experienced observations based on other homes of similar age and condition. When problems are discovered, specialists are recommended to further evaluate the problem.

The most important part of a home inspection is helping you see the larger picture of what you are proposing to buy so your expectations are in alignment with the house. All homes have problems and all home require repairs. A good home inspection is both a thorough evaluation combined with perspective so you understand how urgent, expensive, unusual or alarming the observations are that were discovered.

A home inspection is not an insurance policy. Home inspectors cannot dismantle or tear apart the home. This limits what we know. Some homes present greater risk than others. A good home inspector uses visual clues to better understand the level of risk associated with what is NOT visible. For example, amateur and non-standard workmanship around multiple systems in a house raises the concern about what is hidden from view.
Orca Inspection Services performs visual home inspections to meet or exceed the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspector’s) national Standards of Practice. Visit www.ashi.org to see the Standards of Practice and alos the Washington State Standards of Practice: Chapter 308-408C WAC: http://app.leg.wa.gov/WAC/default.aspx?cite=308-408C&full=true. For a list of inspected systems, please see the box below. Every Orca home inspection comes with a custom, digital report. In addition, all Orca home inspections include a Washington State-compliant pest inspection embedded into the report. A unique feature of the Orca Inspection report is an Efficiency observation. This allows us to prepare a list of improvements you can do to make your home more energy efficient.
Wood Destroying Organisms
Retaining Walls
Crawl Spaces
Heating and Cooling
Yes. Even though we are doing a visual home inspection, there is no substitute for having good tools. We invest regularly in some of the finest inspection tools available. We use moisture meters, infrared cameras, carbon monoxide and combustible gas detectors, circuit testers, voltage testers, laser levels, and other tools to help us evaluate the home.
These resources are provided to help you find contractors and products and services that relate to your home. The Contractor Referral Page is a list of contractors that we have collected and edited over the years. We are not a general contracting service and we do not recommend or profit in any way from this list or these referrals. We make an effort to keep this up to date and provide the list simply as a courtesy to our clients. If you wish to have a good contractor added to our list, or wish to complain about sub-par performance of a contractor on this list, please contact us and we will make all efforts to edit and revise as needed. From the Web Links area, you can access web sites and important information regarding common recalled home products like Cadet Heaters and Insta-hot water heaters as well as links to green building products and other important contact information like information on buried oil tanks.
Should I be there for the inspection?
If at all possible, yes! Attending the inspection is your best opportunity to learn about your home. While we strive to create thorough reports, there is no substitute for being at the inspection, asking questions, making personal notes, and watching how thoroughly we evaluate the property. If you cannot be there, we understand your busy schedule and can make arrangements to consult with you over the phone after the inspection.
To view a sample report, click here Sample Report. This Scribeware Reporting System was written and developed by home inspector and Orca Inspection Service’s owner Dylan Chalk to be thorough, clear, and easy to read http://www.getscribeware.com. The ScribeWare system divides the home into logical inspection components or chapters and uses numbered observations to help you locate and refer back to observations in question. The report also color-codes observations to help you distinguish between Major Concerns, Repairs, Improvement Items, Monitoring Items, Future Projects, Wood Destroying Organism problems, Due Diligence Items and Energy Efficiency issues. A full report can sometimes exceed 40 pages and comes with a quick-viewing, bulleted Summary Page.

Call our office at (206) 842-3739 any time to schedule your inspection or ask a question. Orca Inspection Services schedules inspection appointments 7 days a week. We understand your busy schedule and try to offer as many convenient hours as possible so you can book and attend your inspection.
Yes. We ask that you give us 24 hours of notice prior to canceling an inspection. Cancellations less than 24 hours before a scheduled appointment are subject to a fee up to the cost of the inspection.

Yes. Washington State law and our insurance company require that we have a signed inspection agreement. Click here to see a sample: The inspection agreement is an important document that helps you understand the scope of a home inspection. Home inspections are not insurance policies. They are intended to help you make more informed buying and selling decisions. When you schedule your appointment for an inspection, please include your email address, that way we can get you the contract prior to the home inspection.