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High Efficiency Water Heaters

Servicing High Efficiency Water Heaters Is it time to service your high efficiency water heater? New efficiency standards for water heaters have been set by the Department of Energy and these standards went into effect as of April 16, 2015.

Electric Heaters: Are They Safe?

Photo of a floor-board , built-in electric heater

Electric Heaters According to the National Fire Protection Association, heating equipment was responsible for over 50,000 structure fires in 2011. Roughly half of those fires were due to storage of personal items such as curtains and furniture too close to

Blistering Paint

Exterior house wall with large paint blisters

Blistering Paint: Solving the Problem I was raised in several colonial and Victorian era homes on the New England coast and from the moment my father first taught me how to paint our house, my summers consisted of more hours

What Are These Black Stains On the Walls?

Dylan Chalk photo of ghosting, dark shadows on wall and ceiling

Eliminate Ghosting in 4 Steps   Understanding Ghosting “I have strange black stains on my walls and ceilings and I’m afraid I have a mold problem, can you help?” This request came from a nice older woman who was inquiring

Water Pressure is Tricky to Understand

Dylan Chalk photo of water pressure reading

Does This House Have Good Water Pressure? A common question that my clients ask during home inspections is: “Does this house have good water pressure?” What they actually want to know is whether the flow from the showerhead will be

Infrared Cameras for Home Inspection

Dylan Chalk's infrared photo of exterior wall showing temperature levels

Using Infrared Cameras on your home inspection What do infrared cameras do? The first thing you need to understand is that infrared cameras are just fancy thermometers; they translate surface temperatures of objects into colors thereby creating an image comprised

Home Inspections Kill the Deal?

Dylan Chalk photo of carpenter ants swarming under sub floor

  The 3 Most Common Reasons a Home Inspection Kills the Deal   One of the many difficult parts of being a home inspector is delivering bad news. Nobody enjoys delivering bad news. But when you are hired to evaluate

Limited Pre-Inspection?

Photo of Puget Sound Journal story on housing shortage

Are You Considering a Limited Pre-Inspection? With record-low levels of housing inventory, historically low interest rates and swarms of eager buyers in bidding-wars over the same house, getting a home inspection done on a property these days is harder than

Condominiums: Full Inspection or Interior Only?

Condominium Purchases: Full Inspection or Interior Only? Knowledge You Need When Buying a Condo: Buying real estate involves risk. The purpose of a home inspection is to help you, as a home buyer, reduce that risk by providing perspective on

Liability of Buried Oil Tanks

Bainbridge Island home inspector Dylan Chalk offers helpful tips to home owners and buyers on his blog at Orca Inspection.com

Buried Oil Tanks               A hidden liability?   On a scale of good to bad, buying a house with an abandoned and leaking oil tank falls distinctly onto the bad side of the ledger. The good news: properties with tanks in

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